The Word Is Not The Thing: Update 6

I had a chance to finish The Word Is Not The Thing. The past two months have been a little bit busy, with packing, planning, moving, and settling in, yet again. This time I moved across Canada, by driving, and decided to set up for now in Montreal, and go from there. 

Since my last post, I was inspired to add some more visual effects to the game, so I added more lighting, blurs and shakes. I think overall it adds an appeal. I had to keep in mind that they can be distracting so I kept them off the zoomed in portions of the game. I also made three word sizes and their corresponding particle effects. Overall, I cleaned everything up, from spelling, word counts, textures, spacing, clarity and flow. On top of that I updated the game page with a video background. And in the end, there are 150 words to play with. 

I also updated the trailer and created some animated gifs and screenshots and put the full version on The Steam and iOS/Android versions will follow shortly. I will also create a PDF book/booklet for the game because I think that's worth doing. I'm going to use Affinity Publisher, hopefully the beta is stable enough for what I need it for.

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The Word Is Not The Thing (PC) 38 MB
Sep 29, 2018
The Word Is Not The Thing (Mac) 43 MB
Sep 29, 2018

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